Sector Development Facilities​ (SDF)

Sector Development Facility (SDF) is a grant facility within the Project’s Component 1: Value Chains Development. SDF shall focus on “public goods” that address specific bottlenecks to the VC development identified by the VC actors themselves through the Multi-Stakeholder Platform dialogues processes. The SDF will focus on “public good” investments only that cannot reasonably be delivered through private investment in the current context of the specific VC.

While SDF will focus on “public goods” for the VC, the private actors in the VC will be expected to make a financial contribution of at least 5% (or in-kind equivalent) to all SDF investment in order to confirm that these are indeed an immediate priority for the value chain actors themselves.

Types of investment expected under the SDF include, among others: investment in physical markets, collection point, market information system, upgrading public testing labs or sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) inspection capacity at provincial level, strengthening trade research capabilities, supporting bilateral SPS negotiations, piloting novel or untested business models (e.g. for health cassava seed nurseries), initial demonstration and promotion of new technologies or production systems, actions research, market studies, industry network development and capacity building etc. Any proposal includes all the interventions necessary to have the intervention implemented, which is “hardware” as well as “software” e.g. an expansion of a wholesale market has to include support how to manage the wholesale market efficiency with for example a committee, fee structure, and management, financial and operational capacity building.

Type pf SDF
1. Pumping wells
2. Well with reservoir plus solar installation
3. Chicken collection points
4. Vegetable collection points
5. Chicken Slaughterhouses
6. Collection points for multi-commodities
7. Vegetable washing and grading facilities

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