In January 2019, CIRD has been selected by Project Management Office (PMO) of the Ministry of Commerce to provide service on Market-Oriented Social Mobiliser for Accelerating Inclusive Markets for Smallholders (AIMS) project for a 51-month period of the remaining project implementation (up to 31st March 2023).
For mobilization of farmers into the local VCs, the project will engage teams of market oriented social mobilizers to work with the Regional Hub Offices (located in provinces of Battambang, Kampong Cham, and Takeo). However, CIRD covered in the RHO-BAT with attached 4-provicne (BAT, BMC, PLN and SRP). The social mobilization teams was being a mechanism through which business and financial literacy training is provided to almost all participating AIMS farmers, via a cascade system using a system of Business Literacy Facilitators nominated by the members of the producer groups themselves.
The Social Mobilizer (SM) team will work under the Regional Hub Office (RHO) in supporting the implementation of the project’s field activities (Project Provinces) in particular social mobilization (including inclusion of poorer households), business facilitation and linkages.
CIRD (Cambodian Institute for Research and Rural Development) is a non-governmental organization founded in July 2009 by a team of experts with extensive experiences in agroecological agriculture and farmer organisation, marketing of small-scale farming products, and socio-economic. As a not-for-profit organization, CIRD works with development partners and allies in Cambodia and networking globally to bring about sustainable social change.
CIRD currently works directly with and provides support to around 20,000 farmer families and their organizations in more than 400 villages in 14 provinces of Cambodia.
Our Vision: CIRD envision a Cambodian rural community to enjoy abundant quality and healthy food, be able to supply their agro-products to markets, to live in good health and in a pleasant environment with access to quality rural education.

Our Mission: is dedicated to fighting poverty, to improve the livelihoods of rural and marginalized communities in Cambodia through capacity building and organizational management support enabling rural livelihood systems to improve its position from a subsistence system to an income generating agro-food production and agricultural social enterprises system compatible/consistent with Biodiversity and Environmental conservation.