Technical Partners

KAKSETHAN LORSTHMEY (KLT) is an agricultural service company that helps small-scale farmers improve their incomes. Farmers can make good money by growing and selling vegetables and other crops but many farmers are missing out on this opportunity because they lack good quality inputs, irrigation, agronomic knowhow, and market connections. KLT provides high-quality vegetable inputs backed up by technical advice to improve the quality, quantity and diversity of smallholder production and market linkages. KLT contracts with many of farmer clients to purchase their vegetable crops for on-selling to markets. Since its inception in 2005, KLT has served more than 80,000 smallholder farmers. KLT evolved out of an agricultural program of iDE (international Development Enterprises) and iDE is an international NGO with 26 years in Cambodia specializing in market-based agricultural development, using market based solutions to change the living conditions of rural farmers.