Green Innovet Cam (GIC) is a social enterprise working in close collaboration with the private sectors, publics and farmer organizations to contribute the poverty reduction. GIC team have built long-term presences and reputation in agriculture development particular models of intensified smallholder production and value chains and establishing and building the famer organizations and developing value chains with the tools, knowledge and networking which are mains factors improving the incomes and empowering for smallholders.

This report provides a summary of the activities implemented, progress attained and achievements / outputs during 2021, which is in the period from January to December 2021. GIC team is closely working and good collaboration with national and provincial AIMS team in 11 target provinces. With supported and contributed by the engaged AIMS team members, GIC carried out the assigned tasks of project implementation of the project planned activities and delivery of outputs with a good progress.

The main achievement of project implementation activities that took place during the year 2021 from January to December include:

  1. Delivery of technical training on chick production and chicken fattening production,
  2. Establishment chicken production demonstrations,
  3. Organizing farmer field day,
  4. Organizing exchange business model visits,
  5. Collection adoption farmers on chicken production technique practices,
  6. Collection the number of chicken producers have decreased chicken mortality rate,
  7. Assistant support in preparing VCIF proposal for chicken production demonstrations, and
  8. Monitoring, following up and coaching farmers at their production sites.