Case Studies

21/ Net House Increased Farmer’s Income

Mrs. Ing Sarun grew the vegetables for business since 1990s, on 0.40 hectares land, producing around three tons per year. The main crops were pumpkin, tomato, winter melon, eggplant. The [...]

20/ Adoption of Production and Business Model

Mr. Korn Bunthoeun is 52 years old. He lives in Srae Ta Meaeng village, Tumnup Thom commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province. His wife is Chim Sarun, 52 years old [...]

20/ Women, the Vegetable Organization Team Members Practice Growing Vegetables from Family to Business

524 vegetable farmers, a total of 3,730 farmers, 2,641 women, are practicing four potential agricultural products throughout Kampong Thom province, including vegetables, chickens, rice and cassava were volunteer to be [...]

19/ Switching from Planting Cassava for Tuber to Producing Cassava Seeds for Supply both Inside and Outside the Producer Organization

Cassava is an agri-business crop for export and is not a basic food for the Cambodian people, but it is an important staple food of many Indonesians, Indians, Africans and [...]

18/ Well with Reservoir Plus Solar Installation Increased productivity of Safe Vegetable Production in Line with High Market Demand

As the population continues to grow, so does the demand for vegetables in Cambodia, especially the safe vegetables grown with the right techniques. Vegetables are a healthy food that is [...]

17/ Vegetable Production Improved after Receiving Sector Development Facilities (SDF) from AIMS Project

Vegetable is an essential crop for daily consumption and exchange in the market for money, as well as other necessities consumables for family life. In this sense, the Royal Government [...]

16/ Growing Safe Vegetables Increase Women’s Income and Women’s Courage for Decision Making

Since the population is growing, the demand for vegetables in Cambodia is also constantly increasing, especially the safe vegetables that are grown properly. At the same time as the spread [...]

15/ Chicken Slaughterhouse Helps Solve Market Problems and Increase Price

Backyard chicken production has played an important role in supplying the food market in both rural markets/supermarkets in cities and towns in Cambodia. The business of raising backyard chickens has [...]

14/Technology Acceptance Through Technical AIMS’s Service Provider Partner Makes Som Phan Farmer’s Chicken Raising Highly Profitable.

Field chicken is a delicious and popular food for people of all races. The chicken market has had in high demand, including eggs and broilers, which have been imported to [...]

13/ Vegetable Business​ Has Grown Considerably for Ta Kaong Producer Group, in Amleang Commune, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province

As the population grows steadily, the growing demand for vegetables in Cambodia increases respectively, especially for GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) vegetables whose production techniques are strictly applied. Vegetables are a [...]

12/ Chea Ti’s New Meat Poultry Production Model Has Earned Double Profit

The Cambodian smallholders have raised the chicken with no proper production model or system, so they always get a small amount of income and can’t link to the market demand. [...]

11/ Increasing Market Access of Lemongrass After Becoming A Member of AC’s Vegetable Producer Group

After saw successes of neighbors and had a vision to upscale vegetable business in the future, Lim Sokleap requested to become a member of the vegetable producer group of the Agriculture Cooperative’s (AC) which was initiated by AIMS project. Before 2018, she mainly focused on mung bean, cassava, and rubber trees. After joining the vegetable […]

10/ Cassava Contract Farming Provides Steady Income for Smallholder Farmers in Dounpa Village of Stung Treng Province

A community in Stung Treng Province, with about 45 households of a cassava producer cluster have successfully signed a contract with Pheng Pengeang Cassava Enterprise for approximately 700 tons of [...]

09/ Strong Passionate, Highly Committed Lead to Success in Poultry Business

Before being part of AIMS supported chicken cluster member, her family main source of income based on agriculture farming. In addition, her husband makes additional incomes through log cutting, away [...]

08/ A Systemic Cooperation of Key Actors to Better the Enabling Environment for Fragrant Rice Production and Market in Monkol Borei District, Banteay Meanchey Province

A quality assured rice producer group in Trabek village is within Trabek Cluster of Quality Assured Rice that covered 04 villages with 97 family members, located in Banteay Neang commune, [...]

07/ Local Buyer Led Vegetable Business Cluster in Kaheng Commune of Kampong Speu Province

Kaheng vegetable cluster was formed by the AIMS project on May 10, 2018, with 28 member producers, three (3) inputs suppliers, and three (3) buyers from four (4) villages in [...]

06/ Gradual Approach in Achieving Success in Backyard Chicken Raising in Lve Thmei Village of Takeo Province

Mrs. Hoy Lin, lives in Lve Thmei Village, Praimbei Mum Commune, Treang District, Takeo Province, and is one successful target beneficiaries among 100 farmers. She is an active representative of [...]

05/ Market Linkage of a Backyard Chicken Trader in Tropang Kor Commune of Kampong Cham Province

Based on the statistics gathered from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF), from the period 2013 to 2019, poultry production has increased by 35% from 20-million to 27-million [...]

04/ Cassava Contract Farming Provides Steady Income for Smallholder Farmers in Lpeak Village of Kampong Cham

Several communities in Kampong Cham Province, with about 101 households of a cassava producer cluster have successfully signed a contract with Shing Kimheng Cassava Enterprise for approximately 6,000 tons of [...]

03/ Vegetable Cluster Increases Farmer’s Income Generation Through High and Stable Market Price in Trapeangpring Khancheoung Village of Kampot Province

With an increasing population, rising household income, and greater infrastructure development in Cambodia, opportunities are emerging for the vegetable industry to supply hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants. These institutional buyers [...]

02/ The Establishment of Market Linkages on Rice Production at Mongkol Borei of Banteay Meanchey Province

On July 26, 2019, a group of rice farmer clusters signed a Contract Farming Agreement with Cambodia Development of Farming Season Association (Monita group co., Ltd.), supported by the AIMS [...]

01/ Innovative Practices of Backyard Chicken Raisers in O’Krabao Village of Battambang Province

The demand for chicken consumption has increased from about 29 million kilograms in 2016 to more than 40 million kilograms in 2019, while Cambodia can only produce 25 million kilograms. [...]